Come Travel to the Secluded & Breathtaking Lofoten Islands, Norway with Me!

Come Travel to the Secluded & Breathtaking Lofoten Islands, Norway with Me!

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to travel more. I love solo travel and love empowering women to do so. I also LOVE the camaraderie and friendships made from going on group trips. Which is why I have decided to make 2018 the year I open up some adventurous group trips and have a small (mini) group of adventurous souls join me.

What Sets Crazy Travelista’s Mini Group Trips Apart from Other Group Trips?

  • First off, the group size will be capped at 8 people max to focus on a more intimate feel. (The 1st trip will only be 5 people, including me!)
  • These group trips are designed for the lone woman who is scared to travel alone, who has no one to go with, or who just loves connecting with new fun travellers around the world.
  • The tours would be heavily photography based, so a love for taking awesome shots is a must! Although I’m not a professional photographer by any means, I do have a knack for finding the best viewpoints and framing the shots.
  • I will share all my tips on how I get all my solo shots when I travel alone and help everyone get their own awesome shots on the trip.
  • The trips will have a rough itinerary but also leave some room for unplanned adventures (because those are always the best adventures, right?).
  • I will also start a private Facebook group to introduce everyone as soon as possible. They did this on one of my previous group trips and it was awesome because it was like we knew each other by the time we actually met in person.
  • I have been on 5 group trips so far and the best part about these trips is the life long friendships that develop from them. 

Are CrazyTravelista’s Mini Group Tours for You?

You should:

  • be into hiking and discovering off the beaten path places
  • love photography and don’t get bored of photo shoots (there will be many)
  • have a sense of humor
  • have an open mind and love meeting new people
  • love adventure activities
  • loving wine is a plus (but not a requirement)

These Trip are NOT for you if:

If you love drama, drugs, or getting black out wasted every night, this trip is not for you. This is for the more mature traveler who doesn’t mind long days of adventure and photo taking. There will definitely be some wine drinking as well (but no pressure at all to participate if you don’t like wine). 

These trips are probably not for you if you are a budget traveler. These trips will mimic my traveler style, which I describe as “Ballin on a Budget” (I heard it on a rap song and thought it described my style perfectly). This means not budget, but not luxury. Basically, I like nice places, but I find awesome deals to make them cheaper. I am a 30 something career woman, no need to stay in hostels at this age. I don’t wish to compromise my comfort at this age.

1st CrazyTravelista Group Trip: Lofoten Islands, Norway 

(March 1-5th, 2018)

The Lofoten islands are an archipelago off of Northeast Norway known for their cute little traditional fishing villages, epic mountain peaks, stunning fjords, and breathtaking panoramic views.

norway winter photo


The Lofoten islands aren’t the easiest (or cheapest) to get to, which is why they aren’t on the main tourist track (another reason they are so intriguing to me). The good news is I took all the stress out of planning this trip for you!

Homnøy photo

The Lofoten Islands are a photographer’s dream, especially because they are a good place to see the Northern Lights. And there is nothing prettier than seeing these cute little seaside towns all covered in snow.

Trip Details:

  • Dates: March 1-5th, 2018
  • Start: Bodø, Norway on March 1st very early in the AM (you must arrive one night before on your own)
  • End: Bodø, Norway on March 5th early in the AM (you can depart any time on the 5th)
  • Activities: photographing arctic landscapes, hikes (weather permitting), Northern Lights, winter kayaking (optional activity)

What’s Included:

  • 4 nights accommodation in double occupancy (you will have your own twin bed in a room shared with another female traveler..possibly your new BFF)
  • Return flight from Bodø to Lofoten islands and back
  • Private transport around the islands
  • Photos from the trip I will make available
  • Lifelong memories and friendships!

What’s NOT Included:

  • International flights to Norway
  • Food (however, there will be a kitchen where we stay and I will be making grocery store runs…restaurants are limited on the islands so this is a good option to eat cheap).
  • Alcohol
  • Optional activities (i.e. sea kayaking)
  • Accommodation the night before the trip starts

⇒IMPORTANT: **the flight from Bodø to Svolvear, Lofoten will be very early in the morning on March 1st so you WILL need to arrive to Bodø by February 28th (If you are coming from the USA, the flights are overnight so you will have to leave by February 27th the latest). The reason I did not include the one night before the trips starts is to leave room for you to save money by booking a hostel or room in an Airbnb (as the trip is not cheap). But if you don’t want to deal with that, I can book the one night before the trip for you at an additional cost (ask me).

On the Agenda

We will meet in the town of Bodo, Norway, which is like the gateway to the Lofotens. The next morning we will take a short 20 minute flight to the islands.

My original plan was to take the 4 hour ferry over; however, I made an executive decision not to do so after talking with the ferry company and tourism boards. Because this trip is in winter, there is only 1 ferry a day (on some days there are 2), but it sometimes gets cancelled due to high winds. I asked what the likelihood of a cancellation are, and they told me that they just had to cancel them the day before so i didn’t want to risk it and be stranded. Therefore, I had to increase the cost of the trip to account for the plane tickets instead of the ferry. 

I have rented a car and plan to drive around to some of the best photo spots on the islands like cute little villages, arctic beaches, and viewpoints over the islands.

There are also some EPIC hikes to do in the Lofotens, although only some are accessible during the winter time. But I do plan on doing 1 or 2 of the smaller hikes if the weather gods permit. We will check the avalanche warnings the night before and decide from there. So ya, you kinda should be into hiking and be in moderate shape.

That being said, you will need waterproof boots or hiking shoes. It is still very much snowy this time of year and we will be walking around all day so it would suck to have wet and soggy feet.

There will also be a chance for winter kayaking (optional activity) if that tickles your fancy.

At night, it’s gonna be all about searching for the Northern Lights. There is never a guarantee that they will come out to play (so you have to set your expectations accordingly). However, the Lofoten Islands are 100 km above the Arctic Circle so that gives me lots of hope!

I have also rented a cute little cozy red cabin (just like you see in all the pictures) right on the water in Homnøy, the most photographed village in the Lofotens. There is a deck overlooking the water and mountains, which is the perfect setting if the Northern Lights appear. How cool would that be to just walk outside and see them without having to go anywhere? My dream!

Age Limits:

22-38 years old

I’m not trying to be a dick, but I am going to put age limits on my trips, just because it gets very awkward when there is too much of an age gap. It’s such a better vibe and more cohesive when people are closer in age and in more in the same stage in life. 

However, if you are a little but outside these age limits and you think you would still be perfect for these trips, send me a message and let me know. I’m more about your age at heart than your actual chronological age :).

So What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

  • Non-Refundable Deposit: $300 (due by January 10, 2018)
  • Total Trip Cost: $1275 (due by February 1, 2018)
  • Payment via Paypal

*IMPORTANT NOTE: if you haven’t paid your deposit by January 10th, the total price may be increased slightly (based on the flight prices from Bodø to Lofoten). So it is in your best interest to pay the deposit earlier than later).

Another important note: As with all group trips, travel insurance WILL be required for this trip. Plus, it’s foolish not to travel without it anyway.

Norway is expensive AF! In fact, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, so this is definitely NOT a budget trip. This is more like a bucket list trip, one that I’ve been wanting to do the past 2 years!

Norway is also one of my top 10 favourite countries in the world (out of 74 that I’ve been). The natural beauty is unmatched and keeps bring me back for more (this will be my 3rd trip). Trust me when I say the steep prices are 100% worth it!

I’ve also taken a look at photography tours of Lofoten Islands and they run anywhere from 2500 EUROS to 4500 EUROS! I am not a professional photographer, hence the lower prices. But I definitely have more skill than the average person, which I will use to help you get some awesome shots!

Where Can I Sign Up?

I am only taking 4 other adventure travellers with me so spots are VERY limited. You can sign up HERE. Please only fill this out if you are super serious about gong.

I am SO excited about this trip and can’t wait to meet my little group. See you in Norway!

BAM, let’s do this!♥


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