How to Get to 6 Continents from the USA for just $1632 using Skyscanner!

How to Get to 6 Continents from the USA for just $1632 using Skyscanner!

It took me a LONG time to realize that traveling is not as expensive as I thought it was. Mind you, this is the girl who used to travel to Italy from Los Angeles 3 times a year (at about $1,100 a plane ticket….Eeeeeeek!).

Damn, I’ve learned a lot since then. And most importantly, I had no idea about Skyscanner back then. It has seriously been a GAME CHANGER! If you learn how to how to use Skyscanner for cheap flights, you will probably travel more, just sayin’. ♥

Anyways…recently I entered a contest by the lovely Sabina from Girl vs. Globe she hosted with Skyscanner seeing how many continents and countries you can get to with $1000 from your home airport. I got 4 continents and 10 countries for $1000 to my surprise! I posted it on my IG and had a bunch of people comment and message me how I did it. Soooooo…..

I decided it would be a cool blog post to explain it….but I wanted to go one step further. I wanted to see how much it would cost to get to all 7 continents (my dream)!

Through my research I realized that Antarctica is like the most expensive place in the world to get to and super had to get to as well, so I decided to leave that one out. Because honestly it would kinda defeat the purpose of proving how cheap it is to travel by leaving it in there. Sorry Antarctica, you’ll have to wait.

Without further ado…Here is how to get to 6 CONTINENTS and back from Washington, DC, USA for only $1632. If you wanted to start in Los Angeles, it would actually be $25 cheaper! How crazy is that? The old me who spent $1,1000 just to go to Italy would have never believed this!

How to use Skyscanner for Cheap Flights

Skyscanner “Everywhere” Option (life changing)

If you don’t know what this is, you’re about to find out…and you’ll thank me later :). The everywhere option is what makes Skyscanner a complete life-changing game changer.

USA to South America

Step 1: Basically, you put in your home airport and in the “to” field you type in “Everywhere“; for the departure date select “Cheapest month“. I understand this does take some flexibility. But if you don’t have to travel on certain dates, it will save you a shit ton of money! Trust me on this one. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

How to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

First Step: type in your home airport and in the “to” field type “Everywhere”

Step 2: I searched for the cheapest destination on a different continent, which happened to be in Colombia, South America! So for $116 one-way I can get to Cartegena, Colombia on November 2nd. Who knew it was that cheap?

how to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

Washington, DC to “Everywhere”…looks like you can get to South America for only $116!

Rinse & Repeat! I basically did that for each new continent. How simple is that? Got me thinking of the famous Dr. Seuss quote: “oh the places we will go…”♥

South America to Europe 

This one-way ticket was a a bit pricier, but hey, these continents are really far away! The cheapest way to get to Europe from Cartegena in November is to fly to London for $346 (I know it says $327 below, but sometimes when you click through to view the flight the prices change a bit…prices and availability are constantly changing so just keep that in mind).

how to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

Cartegena, Colombia to “Everywhere”

Europe to Africa

Did you know you can fly from London to Morocco for only freakin $19?!? How in the world?! I don’t even understand, but I’m rollin’ with it!

How to get to 6 continents from the USA for just $1632 using Skyscanner

London to Fez, Morocco for only $19

On that note..look at ALL these European countries you can get to for $13 or less from London! Like, seriously? Come on!

How to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

Oh, the endless possibilities…

Africa back to Europe

So I found that it was cheaper to fly back to Europe and then go to Asia from there. I specifically picked Milan from experience. It seems to be one of the cheapest airports in Europe to fly in and out of! BAM $22!


Europe to Asia

This is the result of Milan to “Everywhere”. The cheapest from Milan to Asia is flying to Dubai for $148 on December 2nd.

How to get to 6 continents from the USA for just $1632 using Skyscanner

Asia to Australia

Since I knew the last continent on my list would be Australia, I didn’t use the “Everywhere” option on this one. I simply typed in Dubai to Australia (any). It then displays the cheapest cities on Australia to fly into, which happens to be Sydney for $314.dubai_syd

Australia to USA

So this leg would be the most expensive part by far, getting from Australia back to Washington, DC one-way. When I searched directly, this is what I got: $737 for a one-way ticket. Oh hell nah!

How to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

Sydney to Washington, DC one-way costs $737. Ouch.

Instead of flying directly from Sydney, I decided to break it up into 2 legs because most the time it’s cheaper that way on a long route like this one:

SYD-LAX:  $580

How to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

LAX-WAS: $87

How to use Skyscanner for cheap flights

Ok. it’s still expensive as hell, but this way it saved $70 and you get to stop in Los Angeles. Woohoo!

Here’s the Breakdown:

  • Washington, DC—> Cartegena, Colombia $116
  • Cartegena, Colombia—> London, England $346
  • London, England—>Fez, Morocco $19
  • Fez, Morocco—>Milan, Italy $22
  • Milan, Italy—>Dubai, UAE $148
  • Dubai, UAE—> Sydney, Australia $314
  • Sydney, Australia—>Los Angeles, USA $580
  • Los Angeles—>Washington, DC $87

Total: $1632 for 6 continents (starting November 2nd and ending January 17th). Hey, you’re gonna need lots of time to see all these countries!

So there you have it, 6 continents from the East Coast of the USA and back for $1632 using Did I mention how much I love this website? It’s my ultimate “go-to” booking site and it’s really one of the main reasons I have been able to travel so much in the last 2 years!

It does take some flexibility and some patience tying to find all the combinations for the best routes, but it can save you a LOT of money and allow you to travel a LOT more. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

What are you waiting for? Start checking prices right meow! 🙂

(Disclosure: This little search box contains an affiliate link (my first one ever!), which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link, at no extra cost to you).

Did you find this blog post helpful? If so, please let me know in the comments and I will post more articles just like this with more specifics of how to do everything ♥

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How to use Skyscanner for cheap flights



5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hotel C Stockholm on Your Next Visit to Stockholm

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hotel C Stockholm on Your Next Visit to Stockholm

It would be my first time in Stockholm and my friend Carey and I would be attending a travel blogging conference known as TBEX. We were super excited to be going, but astounded at the prices of hotels (and also Airbnbs) in the center. Eeeek, not what budget (ish) travelers want to hear!Nordic C Hotel Stockholm room

Stockholm is not cheap. I repeat, Stockholm is not cheap! That’s one thing you need to keep in mind when you’re visiting. It’s the capital city of one of the most expensive countries in all of Europe.

To find a great hotel in the center of Stockholm at a good price is not an easy feat. That’s where Hotel C Stockholm comes in. As part of Nordic Choice hotels, I really wanted to stay here because I had been highly impressed by the quality/value trade off staying at one of their hotels in Bergen, Norway earlier this year. You can read my review here if interested! 🙂

The Hotel C Stockholm became the perfect choice during our time in Stockholm. Here are the top 5 reasons why…

1. Biggest Breakfast Selection I Have Ever Experienced at a Hotel. And I mean EVER!

The breakfast at Hotel C Stockholm has forever ruined my hotel brekkie experience from this day forth. Why can’t all hotel breakfasts be like this? When I say the selection was huge, I damn well mean it!

Nordic C Hotel Breakfast

They had about 6-7 rows of food stations, a smoothie section, hot plates (including bacon, eggs, sausage, and American pancakes), fresh fruits, salads, porridge with fresh toppings, homemade jams, cured meats, cheeses, and much, much more!

They also had a whole section marked gluten and lactose free for those with dietary restrictions (like me!). I was in heaven.

For those who happily indulge in gluten, they had a huge counter section of different varieties of freshly baked bread loafs.

Another cool feature offered was 2 juice presses with several varieties of fresh fruits to make your own concoction. So awesome!

2. It’s Own Ice Bar (ICEBAR Stockholm)

You can’t go to Sweden and not go to an ice bar. I had never been so I was super stoked it was right in the hotel!

Ice Bar,Nordic C Hotel Stockholm

Upon arrival, they give you a thick lined poncho with gloves. The bar is dimly lit with changing LED lights of purple, pink and blue hues.

Entrance also gives you one free drink. They serve you ice glasses that also change colors. That was pretty neat!

The one thing I will say is that it is extremely small inside, so it might get a bit cramped. Reservations are required.

Don’t be an idiot like me and go in with flip flops/sandals. My toes were frozen after 30 minutes and that forced us to leave.

3. The Best Location in Stockholm. Really.

When you’re right in the center, you can usually walk everywhere and don’t have to spent extra money on transport.

Hotel C Stockholm is located right outside the Arlanda Express at the central station.

Stockholm Underground Art

Underground art in Stockholm…only a few minutes by metro from Hotel C Stockholm! 🙂

I can’t tell you how great it is to just take a bus from the airport and have it drop you off right next to your hotel. That hardly ever happens. Hauling bags around European streets can be a real pain!

We were literally in the center of everywhere we needed to be and it made the trip super convenient! And the best part was that it was super quiet! We didn’t hear any street noise or commotion outside, it felt like we were in a secluded spot!

4. It’s Own Info Center

Ok, you probably don’t think this is not bey important at all…but have you been to Stockholm? Every info center in the city (and airport) is super busy and require you to take a ticket and wait. At the airport, I waited for 20 minutes just to be seen.

Nordic C Hotel Info Center

I noticed a big line at other info centers in the city as well. I’m not sure why, but going to an info center in Stockholm can  take forever and result in unnecessary frustration.

If you have no patience for wasting time like me, you will come to really appreciate the in-house info center. And look, there’s no one there!

5. Hearts Restaurant has a Great Ambiance and Equally Great Food!

I have a confession. I ate at Hearts restaurant EVERY night of my trip. Ya, that’s right, every night. I even ordered it up for room service a few nights.

Hearts Restaurant Nordic C Hotel

After being in a conference all day, and having only a short time until our evening activities, we didn’t have much time to go out to eat anywhere else.

Hearts Restaurant Nordic C Hotel

Not only was it super convenient, it was really tasty food! I had a hamburger and fries, potato skins, and the Lobster bucket, all great! My favorite thing on the menu was the potato skin. A half baked potato with jalapeños and cheese on top, so creamy and so good! I may have ordered it more than once.

An extra bonus is that they had gluten free options! #score


Really cool lobby. Hotel C Stockholm had one for the coolest lobbies. The reception greeted you with a white spiral staircase and gold backdrop and hanging glass balls. It gave me the illusion of blowing bubbles. The lobby was spread it on the ground floor with several different seating areas with colorful oversize chairs. It was very warm and inviting.


The Damage

In the offseason, rooms run as low as $85 per night! In peak season you can find rooms for as little as $163! This is super reasonable considering this is Scandinavia!! The value for the price cannot be beat!


Overall, I really enjoyed this hotel! The staff was super friendly, the restaurants was great, the beds were super comfy, the room had everything we needed, the ice bar was cool (get it?), and the location could’t have been any better. I really didn’t have any complaints during this stay!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Hotel C Stockholm during my stay. However, I don’t bulls#*t and I would never recommend somewhere I didn’t truly enjoy! ♥

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Nordic C Hotel