Sri Lanka 9-Day Itinerary (What To Do and See in Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is a small island just south of India with an abundance of things to experience. Sri Lanka offers a little bit of everything: beautiful beaches, lots of wildlife, gorgeous hikes, serene countrysides, epic train rides, and tasty (spicy) food. I recently spent 10 days in the beautiful island nation zipping around to experience […]

Top 10 Travel Highlights & Surprises of 2017 (+ 2018 Preview)

As another whirlwind travel year comes to an end, it’s about that time to reflect and reminisce on my crazy year and highlight my top moments/surprises. In 2017, I traveled to 13 new countries including, Ecuador, Finland, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Cyprus, Oman, and Jordan. I also revisited some of my […]

~~~Who is This Crazy Person?~~~

Hi world! CrazyTravelista here, originally from Washington, DC. After getting infected by the travel bug on my first trip to Italy in 2006, I have been living out my dream to travel the world, one country at a time! I've always been a little shy, but travel has made me more curious and adventurous. I like to bend the rules sometimes and I never take no for an answer! Hopefully my enthusiasm and passion to see the world will inspire others to travel more. Just Go!

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  • How I stay connected on the roadx27a1xfe0fSkyroam portable Wifi device
    8 hours ago by crazytravelista How I stay connected on the road& #x27a1 ;& #xfe0f ;Skyroam portable Wifi device. It was a lifesaver on my last road trips through Norway and Spain. It’s super convenient and handy to use when traveling through multiple countries and they just launched a new GoData monthly plan starting at $9/month! I wrote a whole detailed post on it, with my honest opinion if it’s worth it or not (spoiler: in some cases, its not). Click the link in my bio for the article  #skyroamambassador   #myskyroam   #skyroaming   #portablewifi   #sponsored   #granada   #spain_travel   #spaintravel   #discoverspain   #travelspain   #spain 
  • Living out my Game of Thrones fantasy! I dont wanna
    1 day ago by crazytravelista Living out my Game of Thrones fantasy! I don’t wanna give away spoilers to those who haven’t watched season 7 yet (get on it haha), but a famous scene was shot here at this very window and I had to re enact it myself (actually many scenes from season 7 were filmed here!). My GoPro remote didn’t reach that far so I had to set it on timer and run to this spot (with a bad knee). I’m a dork but I had so much fun seeing all the filming spots in this castle!! Even if you don’t watch the
  • Oh hiiiii Ronda! You are a site for sore eyes
    2 days ago by crazytravelista Oh hiiiii Ronda! You are a site for sore eyes | Exploring the Andalucia region of Spain, specially looking for the awesome filming sites of Game of Thrones! This bridge isn’t on the show, but it sure is purrrrdy! Check my stories for some Game of Thrones action! Ps: if you haven’t watched season 7 yet, I would skip it cuz I don’t want to spoil it for ya  #andalucia   #ronda   #puentenuevo   #visitspain   #discoverspain   #spaintravel   #gameofthrones   #got   #gopro   #goprogirl 
  • One of the coolest roads in the world! Trollstigen consists
    3 days ago by crazytravelista One of the coolest roads in the world! Trollstigen consists of 11 hairpin turns (some of which are only one you gotta go slow and hope no one comes flying around the corner!). Awesome to see from above and a little nerve wrecking to drive it down below. Norway killing it again with the crazy roads!  #trollstigen   #visitnorway   #discovernorway   #norway_nature   #norwayphotolovers   #norwayphotography   #wearetravelgirls   #gopro 
  • If you look down to the left as youre waiting
    5 days ago by crazytravelista If you look down to the left as you’re waiting in line to take a pic at Trolltunga, you’ll see mini Trolltunga. Isn’t she cute? There’s NO line for this one and it’s definitely a comparable view  #Trolltunga   #minitrolltunga   #girlswhohike   #iphoneonly   #natureonly   #visitnorway   #norway   #norwaytravel 

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