Personalized Traveller Collective Keychain: The Souvenir You’ll Take Everywhere!

Personalized Traveller Collective Keychain: The Souvenir You’ll Take Everywhere!

So What is this Traveller Collective Keychain?

It’s not just any keychain. The Traveller Collective keychain is composed of a clip with “spacers” that represent each individual country you’ve ever travelled to. Each county has its initials engraved onto each little spacer. Cool, huh? It’s a pretty unique way to track all the different places and adventures you’ve had while travelling! Mine has 55 currently and hoping to add more soon!

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Forget the debate about the number of countries you’ve been to and how you shouldn’t “count countries”, it’s not about that. It’s more of a symbol that each spacer on your keychain represents an amazing place you’ve been, a constant reminder of your footprint left on the world. 

I sometimes find myself flipping through the spacers while on a long train ride or a flight. First, I try to guess which country it is based on the initials. Then it triggers memories from that particular place:

The time we had our own private little island to ourselves in Belize.

The time I went on a safari in South Africa.

The time I went on a one week sail trip in Croatia that changed my life.

That time I got left behind from our cruise ship on the shores of Barcelona, got heat stroke, and spent the day in the hospital (hey, I never said all memories were good ones haha!). 

That time I scuba dived for the first time in the Red Sea.

That little reminder sparks a whole lot of emotion and takes me right back to the moment. 

How Will You Leave Your Mark on the World?

Although the keychain is super unique, I  like to focus on the concept behind the actual material product. The idea of a close community of travellers, leaving our marks on the world (represented as the spacers), as well as what should be most important to us…giving back to those less fortunate.

We are lucky enough to have a platform to reach many people, and we need to take advantage of that and use that to promote a positive message.

Travelling has taught me so much, and we often forget what a PRIVILEGE it is. So it’s really important to take some time to give back to the world we are constantly taking from. 

Traveller's Collective Keychain Giveaway

Being creepy in Italy with my Traveller Collective Keychain

Making a Difference

What’s really special about this souvenir is that the Traveller Collective company cares about making a difference (and you can too!). So much so that 20% of the profits goes to helping underprivileged communities.

Traveller Collective has partnered up with Imagine1Day on some really great community projects in Ethiopia.

They have previously raised $10,000 to build a sustainable, clean and safe drinking water source in Northern Ethiopia.

Currently, Traveller Collective is aiming to raise $10,000 to help build a school along with providing educational materials for the children of Dum, Ethiopia.

So when you buy a keychain, you’re directly helping make a difference for these less fortunate communities. It’s a win-win if you ask me! ♥

Traveller's Collective Keychain Giveaway

Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with Traveller Collective. However, I have my own keychain and I LOVE it! Not only the look, but the important message behind it. It’s something I wholeheartedly support! I would never recommend something I truly didn’t love!♥

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