Machine-Washable Makeup Travel Bag by Kusshi: The Last One You’ll Ever Need

Machine-Washable Makeup Travel Bag by Kusshi: The Last One You’ll Ever Need

Kusshi Makeup Bags

When it comes to travel, I’m always looking for convenient accessories/gear to make my life easier. I also travel on mostly budget airlines so I need to make sure everything is small and compact.

For all you ladies out there, packing a little bit of makeup is key and most of you wouldn’t leave home without it. I remember the one time my dad saw me without makeup and told me I looked “sick”. Yaaaaa, like I said, I would never leave home without it! Thanks a lot dad! Anywayz…

As a travel blogger, we are often offered free travel gear/accessories. However, I’m extremely picky and tell the company I can try it out and IF I love it I would be happy to provide a review. If you notice, I don’t have any reviews of travel gear on my blog as of yet. Not one. Like I said, I’m extremely picky and I would only promote something I realllllly love.

Well, I found something I am completely obsessed with: the Kusshi Makeup bags. Here are 4 reasons why (trust me, they are all you need).

1. They’re Washable. I repeat, they’re WASHABLE!

Where have you been all my life? Seriously. I am always spilling makeup inside my bag and it becomes super messy. When I’ve had enough, I eventually throw it away and start with a new one. Repeating that cycle is getting old.

Kusshi MakeUp Travel bag

The makeup bag folds down if its not full so you can pack it down into a tiny carry-on suitcase!

With the Kusshi bags, you just toss them in your washer on low heat and voila! You have a shiny new makeup bag! No need to scrub yourself and no need to buy a new one! It also retains its shape after the wash (I’ve already washed mine and it held up perfectly). Just make sure you line dry and DO NOT use the dryer.

2. Zips Down on Both Sides So You Can See All Your Sh*t!

Kusshi MakeUp Travel bag

With zips on both side, you can zip them down and it basically flattens down and opens up so you can EASILY see and access all your makeup. It’s so nice to not have to stick your hand in a tiny makeup bag and have to shuffle around trying to find everything. I might love this feature even more than the fact that it’s washable! 

3. Separate Brush Holder Case

Kusshi MakeUp Travel bag

It’s really nice to have the brushes separate from all your other makeup to keep them clean and also to protect the bristles. There is also a little pouch where you can keep your jewelry.

Kusshi MakeUp Travel bag

4. A Bonus Cute Little Clutch!

The brush holder also double as a stylish little clutch for that random night out on the town. Not having to pack another purse into a tiny suitcase will save some stress for sure.

The really cool part is that you can “unsnap” your brush pouch and place it into the little clutch or snap it into your makeup bag if you want everything all in the same place. I love having options!

Kusshi MakeUp Travel bag

A Few More Details..

You can get this in leather or fabric in a few different colors. I chose to go with the fabrics on both since I knew they would compress down better and weight a few ounces less! The crazy light packer in me haha. 🙂

I’ve had these bags for a few months and have taken them all over the world with me. I can honestly say I absolutely love them! When I received the makeup bag, I was initially a little worried because it was bigger than my regular travel makeup bag. But then I noticed you can fold it down if it’s not full and fit it into little spaces in your suitcase, which worked out perfectly.

I would highly recommend these bags for travel and also for every day use! Anything that makes your life easier is a winner in my book!

Where to get the Kusshi Makeup bags:

You can purchase these bags directly on their website. Make sure to choose the colour and fabric of each bag!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a very small commission if you purchase this product through this link, at no extra cost to you. This small commission helps keep this website up and running. Many thanks for that 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m new to the long-term travel life and already wish I had this. Currently carrying one makeup bag with brushes and everything together; it’s a mess already. This would be perfect. Especially with the added bonus of being extra light and a clutch. Yes please! 🙂

    • Haha yeah, carrying it all together can become a total mess! These bags are awesome and the fact that they can be tossed into the washer without me having to do anything had me sold! 🙂


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